Terms & Conditions

Thank you for using SignalViewer. By downloading, installing or using the SignalViewer application, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions").

SignalViewer ("SV") is an application that aims to monitor network speed or signal strength. SV is an exclusive proprietary right of PT. Immobi Solusi Prima ("ISP"), a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, registered as an intellectual property right (Trade Mark and Copyrights) in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. ISP may issue changes to SV definitions, forms, concepts and other details of SignalViewer website (http://signalviewer.com/) and mobile applications.

These Terms and Conditions are binding agreements between Users and ISPs for the use of SignalViewer services. These are protected by applicable laws in the Republic of Indonesia. If you do not agree with this agreement, click "Cancel" and exit the application. If you click "OK," then you become "User/Users" of the SV application and agree to the following terms:

(1) User shall bear any expenses and other charges which may arise as a result of using SignalViewer including, but not limited to, access to the World Wide Web (internet), as well as standard devices and other applications that allow the display of web contents.

(2) ISP, in accordance with this Terms and Conditions, grants limited permission to the User to use SV for non-commercial purposes only; hence, the User agrees not to use SV for commercial purposes, including but not limited to collecting personal identity information and gain certain economic benefits (returns) from other parties.

(3) User agrees to use SV only manually and will not use the help of any automated tools, systems or any way that will result in more connections and requests to the SV server than a human can manually do.

(4) Without ISP permission, User is strictly prohibited from duplicating, modifying, adapting, manipulating, altering functions, blocking, hacking and/or altering code/algorithms, disclosing any part of the SV nor any other relevant information or technical material, using SV as part of the process to generate applications new; either directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from SV applications, SV services, or access to SV services.

(5) User is strictly prohibited from sending spam or content containing software viruses or other malicious computer code and/or interfering with servers or networks connected to SV services.

(6) ISP shall not grant any right to Users to circumvent, disable or interfere with the security of the features contained in SV. In its sole discretion, ISP reserves the right at any time to terminate User's access to the SignalViewer Service.

(7) ISP has exclusive rights to SV products, trademarks and logos ("Trademarks"), copyrights and licenses, and including but not limited to Android and iOS applications and data: signals, text, graphics, views and icons ("Content"). User is at his/her own risk for using SV. Content is only granted to User "AS IS" for non-commercial use only and is prohibited to be used for any commercial or other purposes without the express written consent of ISP. User is solely responsible for any interruption or damage to his/her device or computer system or data loss due to downloading or using SV.

(8) ISP does not guarantee that: (i) SV Services will always be available and/or the contents will always be current, accurate or complete, (ii) will always be error free or free of BUG, (iii) will always be safe, reliable and timely meet your needs. ISP is not liable for any website links to third parties not controlled by ISP, therefore ISP is not responsible for the use of information obtained from them.

(9) User agrees that SV is subject to applicable laws in the Republic of Indonesia and may be used outside the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. For international use, User is required to comply with local regulations relating to online activities, tele-communications and intellectual property rights. User will not take actions that could harm ISP's interests.

(10) User agrees that the use of SignalViewer outside this Agreement may harm the interests of ISP and the SV application itself, including any affiliates and other parties who have a business relationship with ISP. For any losses incurred, User states and acknowledges that he/she will compensate all ISP losses on the basis of a written claim from ISP, without the need for any further notice or written warning to it.

(11) ISP collects information from the use of SV, stores and processes the information in the country of Indonesia or another country in which ISP or its agents have facilities. Thus, User grants permission for the transfer of the information outside of User’s country. User acknowledges and agrees that ISP may access, store and disclose your account information if it is required to do so by good faith so that such access, storage or disclosure is necessary to: (a) comply with any regulation and requests from the government (b) enforce the Terms and Conditions, including the investigation of possible violations, (c) detect, prevent, or deal with fraud, security or technical matters, (d) respond to request for assistance from User, or (e) protect the rights, property, or security of ISP, its affiliates and other parties who have the authority of ISP. ISP is not responsible or liable for any use or non-use of rights under these Terms and Conditions.

(12) Any interpretation and interpretation of the terms and conditions or means of dispute resolution in this agreement shall refer to the applicable law of the country of the Republic of Indonesia. In the event of any dispute or dispute between the User and ISP, the parties agree to settle it by consensus. If such deliberate deliberation fails to be reached, the User agrees to submit such disputes and disputes to the jurisdiction of the District Court at the domicile of ISP.

(13) By accepting this Agreement, the User also consents to any renewals deemed necessary by ISP in its sole discretion in the future, without giving prior notice or acceptance from the User. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement shall also apply to any SV renewal as mentioned above, including at the time of launch of the device or the new version. This agreement also applies to the use of trial (beta) version of SV.

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