The SignalViewer provides direct measurements of the true experience of mobile consumers globally.

As a source of data on the performance and coverage of mobile operators nationwide, using real-world data from millions of users of the SignalViewer mobile app. Our solution provide benefit to certain sectors.

SignalViewer Solution

Mobile Operator

Increase trust with independent customer experience data

SignalViewer data provides users an experience through all devices and in all situations. As a sources of mobile coverage and performance it relies on extrapolating from a small number of measurements. A common "drive-testing" generally use a single test device or equipment to measure a snapshot of connectivity on a limited set of locations.

Improve coverage and optimise the network quality

Quality of Service indicators might seem good, but the customers keep complaining about poor data coverage compared to benchmarking data through call failures, dropped calls or slow data throughputs. Driven from both technical and comprehensive information on the sets of the subscribers will allow you to:

  • - Run investigations and analyse data performance map.
  • - Locate congestion at specific locations by running automated tests at different times.
  • - Optimise drive tests to focus only the problem areas.
Improve Customer Experience with simple approach

Customer Services are asked to reduce the processing time and overall cost-per-call of the complaints they receive. At the same time, getting the right information and metrics to analyse a customer complaint has become more and more challenging with the proliferation of devices, technologies and services.

Telecom Regular

Telecom Regulator main duties is to promote and regulate the use of telecommunications services, conduct benchmarking among existing mobile operator, protect the end users and ensure compliance of the license terms.

These are to:

  • - Ensure that the operator promotion delivered according to marketing material to the subscribers
  • - Minimised approximations and simulations
  • - A direct window into what users experience
  • - Measure coverage as is customers experience
  • - Data from a trusted, independent 3rd party

Telecom Regulators in running their regulation bounded by KPI's from all devices use on the market, these required real time data from mobile service quality through customer experience taken from end user data of various providers. These are one of the approach to understand how customer perceive the network quality and performance.SignalViewer features conduct a consistent test over period of time to increase the accuracy and reliable results.

SignalViewer Keypoints


Record and processed nearly all kind of RF measurement from surrounding networks at any events and topography, all in just a tip of your hand.


Featuring the voice of customer, not an ordinary customer experience apps but also capturing customer satisfaction level.


Engaged customer to proactively donate their experience through crowdsourcing to increase user trust with independent data.


Log report from advanced features like spot test, multi test and route test

Industry Analyst

Modern enterprises connectivity is absolutely crucial. Lost productivity can lead from any interruption in service or poor performance. SignalViewer can ensure the enterprise maximising it's connectivity with a customised analysis to provide business with data there it needs to ensure service provider meets its obligations.

Decisions about the service providers for corporate connectivity relied on data from the service providers themselves or made base on price. SignalViewer can support your business with independent, resembles data to ensure the service provider which offers the best coverage and performance for your company exactly at the locations where you operate.

Gain visibility into the connectivity your workforce is experiencing

Our solutions monitor the coverage and performance that received on an ongoing basis and put this information at your fingertips. You can also monitor if another mobile operator could be providing a better service and see the exact gain you could receive if you were to change provider.

Avoid service degradation when switching service provider

Avoid being tempted by a significant cost saving promo by another mobile operator only to find your workforce receives significantly worse connectivity after switching, it will cost your business lost productivity than you stood to save. SignalViewer data you can ensure that you are taking both cost and connectivity into account to ensure you are finding the right balance for your business needs.

SignalViewer Industry Analyst