Data Collection

Unlike ordinary data collection that is derived from drive test recording, our approach on data collection are taken from the measurement in every user smartphone where SignalViewer installed. These are to employed as much as data from real customer and recorded under a normal usage to get the closest accuracy on customer experience. The measurement are taken in any occurrence, indoor and/or outdoor and topography to represent user experience from their networks.

SignalViewer Data Collection

User Experience Oriented Measurement

The SignalViewer apps runs to record all changes in network conditions through individual test that's run over hundreds time. It runs continually at the background at low power consumption while allowed us to get a comprehensive view on network experience from an incredibly rich data collection. By these we are collecting the data from the location where people actually spend most of their activity on mobile phone in a specific time as well. That also including data from indoor/outdoor and inside the vehicles. This allows us to measure the full range of consumer behaviour in a way that is not possible through any other testing methods. The apps also runs on Android and iOS smartphones, these provide a full range capability on the devices. Unlike other apps that using crowdsourcing only on static test, SignalViewer offers more features for speed test, web test and video test.

Data Intelligence

Our team are groups of highly skilled resource. They are expert who provide analysis through the data that collected where it can be used to generate insight in a user friendly format. All data collected is subject to detailed quality assurance procedure, from there user can established threshold on the amount of data to collect to meet the requirement value for statistical output. The data collected generate the output such network level and network quality and this can led being used by RF engineer and even to more general such as regulatory, industry specific and/or regular consumer to driven models and explore correlation on industry and networks availability.

SignalViewer Data Intelligence

Hollistic User Experience

SignalViewer testing is based on both user-initiated tests and background automated testing. Both test are useful, the user-initiated measurement can be run anytime user feels need to collect data in specific time while the background test can be run periodically within the day to capture a much broader range of network measurement. The periodical test can be set by user from the mobile apps setting in certain given time. The result on both test produce a comprehensive output on user experience that do not only rely solely on user-initiated speed tests.

SignalViewer perform test on speed, web and video and also record RF Parameter, level and quality that looks at the proportion of time users have a network connection. As we measure only where and when the user is using their phone, the availability metric determines whether the network is ‘doing its job’ by providing a connection where it’s needed most.

Looking at availability adds a key element of network assessment, time, that is not covered by more traditional metrics such as population and geographic coverage. It also measure all aspect on network performance that is useful as an insight for consumer in determining they time or capacity consumption in using Wifi and mobile data package and how they impacts their experience.

SignalViewer Data Collection


We apply crowdsourcing method in collecting our data, this by prioritised our users as well as making our apps fun and useful while protecting user privacy. As a custodian of data donated by our users we take privacy very seriously, making sure we only record data related to network performance, and not sharing any personally identifying information with 3rd parties. We also invest significant resources to ensure the app minimises any battery and data consumption.