SignalViewer is a tracking application with geolocation approach that has capability to send many kind of report from mobile phone like signal strength, CGI, band, call info, etc. SignalViewer features include log report on remote call test, remote SMS test and remote data test.

SignalViewer developed by Immobi who come up with progressive innovation in mobile apps that works on Android and IOS platform with function for crowdsourcing and beyond. It's derived from optimisation based on customer experience methodology that required data from crowdsourcing like Ookla, Opensignal, Nperf, Equalone, .etc and also need a fully modified mobile apps for specific optimization activities.

Generally, crowdsourcing apps used to measure uplink throughput, downlink and latency other than local information and radio frequency. On Signalviewer, we added advanced features like voice test, messenger test, chat test, drive test, .etc Another innovative feature include "voice of customer" that co-relate with customer satisfaction not just customer experience.

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